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Here's What Our Customers Have to Say!

From John Hopkins, Port Dover

"While bottling at your establishment the other day I reflected on the fact that my 15-year anniversary of pouring and corking with you is rapidly approaching.

Being a Sales Manager myself I thought I should let you know that it has been an absolute pleasure being your customer and that the light-hearted, helpful, easy going but professional way you operate your business is the reason why I take the time and trouble to travel from Port Dover instead of buying here locally.

I must admit that when I moved here 8 months ago, being a person who likes to support local commerce, I visited a local brewing company but found that their prices were slightly higher and that the method used to produce the wine was not as user-friendly and would have been more time consuming, never having had a bad batch of wine from you I decided not risk it.

So my friend, I thought you might want to know that this is why I still make the monthly pilgrimage to you on Hwy 6 and selfishly hope that you stay in business for many years to ensure a constant supply of liquid nectar."

From John Miller, Kitchener

"Just thought I would write a short note about the service of the staff and quality of the product at Flamboro Mix & Brew. I have been a customer there for some ten years, travelling from Kitchener to their location once every month to bottle my wine. The first two years I would go there on my own. Then a friend of mine who also lives in Kitchener decided he would like to make the trek. A few years back, we decided we would try to do our bottling a little closer to home and for a few months, we tried out a new location. It did not last long. We could not find a place that gave us the service that we get from Ted and Nathan or the quality of products. My friend, Bob and I returned to Flamborough and are making the same 40 minute drive once a month because we are totally satisfied with the wine we bottle. They seem to get it right every time. We do not do beer at Flamborough Mix & Brew, but in any discussions we have had with individuals who do, they indicate they are totally satisfied with the beer as much as we are with the wine."

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